Jeano Edwards

Jeano Edwards

Age - 29
New York, United States
I’d set up a creative & research hub in Jamaica providing democratic access and resources to the arts
Jeano Edwards

Nominated by Dazed 100er Tyler Mitchell 

Jeano Edwards is a Jamaica-born, Brooklyn-based image-maker who graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London. In both his photography and films, he reflects on ideas of identity, boyhood, home and belonging, having spent much of his time studying in the UK. His work mediates on dual identity, the disidentification that can occur when one is dislocated from their homeland and what it means to preserve your social and cultural identity when you move between different continents.

Last year he returned to Jamaica to form Thinking Home, a film shot to “track the passage of eight young men as they move towards their destination through lush scenery and the rich chromatics of the built environment”. The work was completed for Wales Bonner’s ESSENCE Spring Summer 2021 collection, which saw the fashion designer capture the soundscape and fashion of the 1980s Jamaican dancehall scene, as well as reggae and gospel, all of which form the visual and audible definition of Edwards’s film.

Text Jason Okundaye

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