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New Music Friday: 4 albums to stream this week

Coucou Chloe shares a futuristic-sounding EP, (sic)boy combines Japanese rock with elements of emo and hip-hop, and Jlin’s release is dark and austere

Following on from her high-energy remix of Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love” for the Dawn of Chromatica remix album, Coucou Chloe is back with a futuristic-sounding EP, ONE. The four-track record takes us to the dark underbelly of club music. Austere, skeletal beats collide against lacerating rhythms, as the London artist recites diaristic lyrics in deadpan. Club-ready beats kick off opening track “WIZZ”, as Coucou Chloe beckons listeners to “let it go”, while “FREEZE” is dark and disorientating. On “ZERO FIVE STARS”, these feelings of rage and frustration are turned up a notch, as subsonic bass hits with gut-punch intensity. Closing track “BLINK” feels delicate in contrast. Tinkering piano melodies hold a music box-like innocence against Coucou Chloe’s disintegrating vocals. Clocking in at just under 12 minutes, ONE is an exciting new entry into the artist’s repertoire. Dark glamour and twisted romance at its finest.

Elsewhere, Jlin drops a brand new EP and Tokyo artist (sic)boy’s latest release combines Japanese rock with elements of emo and hip-hop.