Queer Culture

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Film & TVMeg Stalter is creating a Christian lesbian comedy with A24
Daniel Jack Lyons, Like A River (2022)
Art & PhotographyIn pictures: The queer teens coming of age in the Amazon
friends of the joiners arms
PoliticsThe Joiners Arms is coming back... but it needs your help
Coyote Park, “The Strap” (2021)
Art & PhotographyThis exhibition explores the complexity of desire
Life & CultureThe library is open! 11 cult queer books to read this Pride
Labour of Love (2022)
Art & PhotographyThese photos explore love, sex and creativity in queer relationships
Art & PhotographyEthereal photos that celebrate Nigeria’s queer communities
Art & Photography‘Pure fantasy’: How Tom of Finland inspired generations of queer artists
Yaga, Agata Kalinowska (2022)
Art & PhotographyYaga is the new photo book invoking queer, anti-establishment witch power
Art & PhotographySex, drugs and activism: a history of queer resistance
Inferno rave London
Art & PhotographyInside London’s legendary LGBTQ+ rave Inferno
Neil Krug and Jardine Libaire, GoldTwinz [2021]
Art & PhotographyLove, lust and emancipation: erotic photo books for Valentine’s Day
Life & CultureIn defence of ageing twinks
Photo from Mythical Creatures by Liad Hussein Kant
Art & PhotographyWhat would it be like if we decriminalised sex work?
Life & CultureWhy is it so funny to make everything a little French? Une exposé
Film & TVHow cult 70s film Pink Narcissus invented the twink
Cold Lunch
Art & PhotographyInside Roxy Lee’s X-rated new photography exhibition
Pride (2014)
Life & CultureThe UK is getting its first LGBTQ+ museum
FashionThe new guard of young designers interrogating cultural identity
Life & CultureSex, body horror, and star-crossed love: The queer books to read in 2022
Matt Ford, “Cain” (2021)
Art & PhotographySupport the global queer community with Prints for Queers
FashionWelcome to Fabootique!, the queer pop-up making Camden weird again
Exhibit social media censorship of fat bodies series
Art & PhotographyThese nude portraits are a rallying cry against Instagram censorship
Louise Fishman, “Angry Radclyffe Hall” (1973)
Art & PhotographyRemembering Louise Fishman, who brought female anger to abstract art