Chelsea Manning - spring 2019
PoliticsChelsea Manning is releasing a tell-all memoir this year
Julian Assange
PoliticsPriti Patel approves the extradition of Julian Assange
Vivienne Westwood birthday cake
FashionVivienne Westwood smeared Julian Assange’s birthday cake all over her face
MusicM.I.A. releases ‘CTRL’: ‘a song for 2020’
vivienne westwood canary cage Julian assange
FashionVivienne Westwood protests in a giant cage, dressed as a canary
Chelsea Manning, Dazed
PoliticsA judge has ordered Chelsea Manning’s release from jail
Chelsea Manning - spring 2019
PoliticsChelsea Manning: ‘nothing will convince me to testify’
Arts+CultureJulian Assange’s rape investigation has been discontinued
Julian Assange
Arts+CultureJulian Assange debates running in the UK election
Chelsea Manning
Arts+CultureChelsea Manning protests prison treatment with hunger strike
Chelsea Manning
Arts+CultureChelsea Manning ‘in hospital’ after alleged suicide attempt
Grace Coddington Vogue puppy
FashionSony wanted to make a Grace Coddington film
Arts+CultureWikileaks has published every single email from Sony leak
Chelsea Manning
Arts+CultureThe US army can no longer refer to Chelsea Manning as a man
Arts+CultureSlavoj Zizek on Wikileaks
Ted Hearne
MusicMusical installation transposes Wikileaks cables into song
FashionJulian Assange will release a Wikileaks clothing line
Arts+CultureJulian Assange plans to leave the Ecuadorian embassy ‘soon’
FashionJulian Assange to make London Fashion Week modelling debut
A 'Watchmen' For The WikiLeaks Generation
PhotographyBradley Manning: the comic book